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Fan Pages
The Unofficial Wizard of Oz Page
A great fan site! Lots of pages to surf through!
Dorothy's Oz Page
Great Fan Page with great pictures!
Caitlin's World
Check out Caitlin's Oz page. Four years old and she makes a great Glenda! :)
Clay's Sound Emporium
His Oz Page has a great collection of waves to choose from.
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Website-Eric Gjovaag
A most complete web site. One of the best on the web about The Wizard of Oz. Tons of information.
Oz-The undiscovered country
An interesting site with lots of information about the books.
Jim's Wizard of Oz Website
With over 100 pages to view, one of the most complete sites online for OZ surfers!
The Wonderful Land of Oz
A great site for fans of the book series. Lots of information that is easily located.
Elizabeth's Wizard of Oz Page
The Wizard of Oz page is just one of many classic movie pages found on Elizabeth's site. Take the time to surf the entire site! It's GREAT!
David Parker's Page in History
Very interesting essays written on the book.
SuNet's Pictures
A directory of pictures from the movie.
Welcome to the Land of Oz
What a GREAT site. Lot's of pages, pictures, waves. It's super!
toto2's Home Page
Lot's of fun! Had a great visit. Interesting writings on the movie and book.
Leslie's Land of Oz
A beautiful site. Very well done with great graphics!
Judy Garland Database
An entire Garland web site! The oz pages are fantastic!
Wendy's Wonderful Wizard of Oz
One of the BEST fan pages on the net. Over 85 pages of goodies. You can spend hours or even days there!
Somewhere Over the Rainbow with Renee
A very interesting site with some pages that you don't see anywhere else. Check it out!
The Wizard of Oz-Welcome to Oz-Arlene
Very neat graphics and animations!
Welcome to Oz!
GREAT page! I love the way that the pages are categorized.
Classic Movies
This is super. Superbly organized and full of information on the movie.
The Wizard of Oz Page
The most complete story list that i've seen! It's all here!
Zoe's Wizard of Oz Place
HOW COOL! A fan page dedicated to the music from the movie. Each song has it's on page. Excellent background and graphics.
DVD Information on The Wizard of Oz
DVD Information Page
International Wizard of Oz Club
International Wizard of Oz Club Home Page
IMDB Wizard of Oz Page
Internet Movie Database Information Page! Tons of info!
Wizard of Oz Laserdisc Information
Wizard of Oz Laserdisc Information
Wizard of Oz on Tour
Tour Information
Wizard of Oz FAQ list
No Graphics. Just a well organized text page of questions and answers.
If I only had a crane...
Explanation of the hanging munchkin rumor with commentary and essay.
Structure of Wizard of Oz
Explanation of the visual structure of the wizard of oz.
Of Additional Interest
The Other Side of Oz
The Official Buddy Ebsen Website!
The Wizard of Oz
A Movie Review
Free Desktop Themes
A Wizard of Oz desktop theme can be found here! Plus many more!
The Literary Traveler
They have an article about L. Frank Baum and The Wizard of Oz that we will find interesting. Our Baum article is in the "Promised Land" issue on our homepage. The direct url to the article "The Man Behind the Curtain: L. Frank Baum and The Wizard of Oz" is I think you will enjoy the article!
Beyond the Rainbow to Oz
Merchandise for sale
Just for Kids Catalog of Oz Books
Kansas Konnections-Wizard of Oz
Merchandise-All types of OZ related items